Do you install Signs?
Yes, different jobs require different installation procedures but we handle every aspect of the installation process, including the management, follow up and quality control when using subcontracted install crews.

Are full color graphics important for my business image?

We believe they are. Color graphics convey professionalism of your Brand. High quality graphics that portray your products and services increases a customer’s perception of the quality and even the reliability of your company.

What about Visibility?
Colors, fonts and font sizes play a big role in visibility. This is where “Less is More” plays out well. Keep the Message Big, don’t make people read too much especially if they are reading in a car going 20mph or more. Bigger fonts and images along with contrasting colors get noticed. Our design team will focus on providing for your sign’s maximum visibility.

What about color accuracy?
Color, especially with digital reproduction, can produce slight variations in the way that certain colors appear. In most every case, we will be able to provide specified colors and variances if any are usually so close that they go virtually unnoticed.

What is a vehicle wrap and a partial vehicle wrap?
A vehicle wrap usually refers to a full vehicle wrap that covers the entire area of the exposed paint on the vehicle. A partial vehicle wrap only covers a portion of the vehicle as a focus or accent to a vehicle lettering scheme.

Do I need laminate on my perforated vinyl sign?
Printed perforated vinyl for windows to allow you to see through the sign. Most shops just print the sign and install it… Al’s Signs laminates the sign which prevents dirt and water getting trapped in the little “holes”. This will enhance the appearance of the sign and it will also extend its life.

Do you provide on-site sign consultation?
For certain signs that will be installed on a building or where standards don’t apply, we will happily meet with you at your location to help determine the details of your signage needs.

Can you make a sign from a digital file from my camera?

Yes, but the quality needs to be very high otherwise quality may suffer. We can assess what your photo will look at when it is digitally enlarged and figure out a way to incorporate it into your sign.

What file formats can you work with?
ai, .eps, and .pdf file formats are preferred. If your file is in another format, call us and we’ll get to a solution. Higher resolution is always better, but we can work with varying levels of resolution.

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